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Be Not Afraid – of Debt

Let's face it. Debt can be scary.

But debt is not a bad thing. It provides leverage, it provides opportunity—to own your home, to own your car, to realize your dreams.

For nonprofit organizations, debt may to the key to realize their vision, especially low-cost, flexible, loans from philanthropic sources. These impact investments (sometimes called PRIs—Program-Related Investments), can fill the gap that's left between your fundraising campaign and your traditional bank loan.

Often I hear nonprofits say they want "free money," that is grants. Of course you do. Impact investments aren't to be used instead of grants or gifts. They are used in addition to grants for big projects that seem just out of reach.

Don't let your fear of debt (or your board's fear of debt) be the thing that is holding you back from realizing your organization's dreams.

Impact investments can mean the difference between your dream and your community's new reality.

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