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You know the issues that are closest to your heart and organizations that are doing great work. Staro Insights can help you with strategies for impact, measuring results, impact investing, leveraging other resources for impact, giving circles, donor-advised fund strategies, family philanthropy, and engaging the next generation in giving.


Revenue development is always top of mind. Staro Insights can help you identify the programs and products that will generate the most revenue and the most sustainable sources of support.
We can explore the feasibility and profitability of new programs or services you are considering including social enterprise businesses and real estate-based ventures. 

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Thinking of starting a foundation for your family or business? Have a small foundation and need help with management? Sometimes it's too much to do yourself, but you don't need a full-time team. Staro Insights can help with impact strategy, pipeline development, RFPs, and grantee communications. Think fractional Executive Director or Officer. We can also help you get your foundation up and running.


For community foundations and private foundations, refine your impact investing strategy through PRIs, MRIs, and cash deposits. Whether you are looking at a specific opportunity, just exploring, or taking on an entirely new strategy, we can work with boards of directors, committees, staff, donors, and investment advisors to help you take the next step.


For nonprofits and social-impact businesses, we can help your team identify integrated capital to take on that big new project. This means creating a capital stack that includes Program-Related Investments (PRIs) and low-cost philanthropic capital in addition to traditional loans and charitable gifts. 

A signature service is the Staro Insights Social Impact Prospectus. This document is your case for investment tailored to your specific audience of prospective impact investors. Through the Social Impact Prospectus, Staro Insights will help you identify your project's value proposition, social impact metrics, and financial return on investment and will create a communication piece helps investors see how your project can help them meet their philanthropic goals. 


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