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I Hear the Cries for Change

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Staro Insights exists to help clients move capital for change. My personal purpose is to move capital to advance racial equity as I believe racism is at the root of the vast majority of problems that philanthropy seeks to solve. 

Like many, I was outraged when I learned of police murdering George Floyd and also by the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many Black Americans. I am inspired by the many thousands of people who have taken to the street in protest. And I’m hopeful for the conversations that have begun on racism against Black people (especially among White people) and the beginning of changes in legislation and policing that are happening now in response to the massive number of voices crying out together. 

I believe companies and foundations both large and small must take action. As an independent consultant, I commit to the following actions in my business:

  1. I will provide one half day of pro bono consulting services on impact investing or revenue development to Colorado nonprofits that are organizing communities, whose mission is advancing racial justice, or that are working on policy issues related to racism. (See services page for details.)

  2. I will have conversations with my clients, including foundations, businesses, and people with class and race privilege, about how they can address racism and advance racial equity and decolonization through philanthropy, especially by putting power and decision-making in the hands of the communities of color that have been exploited so that others can generate wealth.

I look forward to working with you with a new sense of urgency to work for justice and change. And I welcome conversation, feedback, and calls for action.

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