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Community-Led. Investment.

You're someone who cares about solving tough problems in the world, and you understand the complexities that come with them. Staro Insights™ helps community-led nonprofits, grant makers, and philanthropists use impact investing strategies to take on large, mission-driven projects. We help you structure your initiative to either attract or deploy impact-first investment capital, so you can realize your vision –
and change the world. 

Mobilizing Money that Moves Mountains

Strategies for Nonprofits &
Social Impact Businesses

Structuring the Capital Stack

Creating Pro Forma Financials

Securing Program-Related Investments

Staro Insights Social Impact Prospectus™

Identifying Impact Metrics

Creating a Business Plan

Identifying Funders & Testing Concepts

Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Integrated Capital Fundraising


Strategies for Funders & Philanthropists

Impact-First Investing Strategies

Impact Investment Thesis Development

Investment Landscape Scan 

Impact Investment Pipeline Development

Investee Capacity Building & Trainings

Investee Technical Assistance

Investment Due Diligence

Program-Related Investments  

Mission-Related Investments

Impact Investing with Donor-Advised Funds

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