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You're someone who cares about solving tough problems in the world, and you understand the complexities that come with them. 

Staro Insights provides business strategy with modern tools for solving today's complicated challenges.

Whether it's impact investing, new product development, social enterprise, CSR strategy, or overall business planning,

our custom consulting services will help you mobilize capital that will move mountains.


Our Expertise

Staro Insights exists to help people who care--philanthropists, foundations, nonprofits, and responsible companies--solve business issues so they can solve the bigger problems in the world. We believe that a values-based approach to business is the best place to start, and then we help our clients access all of the most relevant tools available to take on the challenges they are rising to. 


Strategies for Impact

Impact Investing Strategy

Investment Due-Diligence

Community Foundations:  Working with Multiple Stakeholders
Philanthropic & Donor-Advised Fund Strategy
Investment Financing Structuring
Social Enterprise Business Planning
New Product/Services Strategy
Campaign Feasibility Analysis
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
Private Foundation Support
Branding & Communications

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