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Community-Led. Investment.

You're someone who cares about solving tough problems in the world, and you understand the complexities that come with them. Staro Insights helps community-led nonprofits and funders use impact investing strategies to take on large, mission-driven projects. We help you structure your initiative to either attract or deploy impact-first investment capital, so you can realize your vision – and change the world. 

Mobilizing Money that Moves Mountains

Strategies for Nonprofits &
Social Impact Businesses

Structuring the Capital Stack

Staro Insights Social Impact Prospectus  Creation

Impact Investment Thesis Development

Identifying Impact Metrics

Identifying Funders and Testing Concepts

Campaign Feasibility Analysis

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

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Strategies for Funders & Philanthropists

Impact-First Investing Strategies

Impact Investment Thesis Development

Investment Landscape Scan 

Impact Investment Pipeline Development

Investment Due-Diligence

Program-Related Investments  

Mission-Related Investments

Impact Investing with Donor-Advised Funds

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