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What Others Have to Say

Kate creates innovative solutions to tough problems. She coordinated an investment in Denver's first social impact bond and structured it in a way that excited individual philanthropists and encouraged them to pool resources to get involved. The result was an effective collaborative investment by institutional investors and individuals in a project that provides homes and services to hundreds of people. The investment remains a great model for impact investing with resources from donor-advised funds and helps fill a crucial community need.  

- Barbara Berv, Independent Consultant & Retired Nonprofit Executive



Kate, in her role leading The Denver Foundation's Impact Investing Program, worked with me to create an effective partnership between Social Venture Partners and the Denver Foundation to make possible the first investment of the Social Venture Partners Impact Investing Group (SIIG). With Kate's help, the SIIG has now become a well established and differentiated player in the Denver Impact Investing market. 

- Mark Newhouse, Innosphere & The Colorado Donor Impact Fund

Kate and I have worked together in a variety of capacities over the last 16 years. I’m continually impressed with her ability to leverage her knowledge, experience and connections in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. While many of the same general business strategies apply across sectors, Kate’s understanding of the nuances of these strategies as they apply to each allows her to be effective working with nonprofits, for-profits and at the intersection of the two. Her background leveraging philanthropic funding via impact investing and supporting social enterprises creates a unique skill set that is highly valued in today’s ever-evolving social impact marketplace.

Caryn Capriccioso, MNM, Founder, intersector Partners, L3C & The Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange

Kate Lyda is a trusted professional in utilizing capital for positive social change. Working with Kate on impact investing projects at The Denver Foundation, I came to rely on her experience in community investments and her deep relationships with both investors and social enterprises. She has the knowledge and credibility to identify opportunities, provide critical analysis and offer high-impact recommendations. Her effective and open communication style make her a critical asset to all projects where she is involved. Kate has connections, credibility, and innate intelligence that make her an outstanding and compassionate professional. 

- Cindy Willard, MNM, Founder, Full Potential Philanthropy